Kids Health – ADHD In Children

As an experienced homeopathic consultant, Dr MSG Kumaravelu of DR NATURES HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC says that ADD/ADHD deserves holistic attention. Read on to find out why.

Case study

Sam and Shawn’s mother knew her boys were not like other children, but she didn’t like the idea of using amphetamines to calm her little boys. So she decided it was time to seek professional help. That’s where Dr Kumar made the difference of a lifetime.


Sam and Shawn are active six-year-old twin boys with chestnut hair and big brown eyes. Their mother brought them to the clinic because their teachers were complaining that they were hitting other students, wouldn’t stay in their chair during reading time, were dashing around the classroom, not listening to teachers’ instructions and also fighting among themselves. The boys were premature babies with low birth weights. They fall sick often and are especially prone to influenza. They often get hungry and overeat, have d