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It’s Not A Diet, It’s A Lifestyle Change

Statistics of obesity in Singapore 

The prevalence of obesity among adult Singaporeans aged 18 to 59 years was 8.9%, and that among seniors aged 60 to 74 years was 6.9%. 

The proportion of overweight children in our mainstream schools, aged 6 to 18 years, has increased from 11% in 2013 to 13% in 2017.

What is Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that might affect his health. A BMI of 25 and above is considered obese.

Risk if Obesity is Left Untreated

Obesity increases the risk of several debilitating and autoimmune diseases like diabetes, heart disease, gallbladder diseases, osteoarthritis, gout and asthma and even some cancers.

Homeopathic Medicine for Obesity

Obesity is the result of several different facts like genetics, hereditary metabolism, inadequate elimination, eating habits and lifestyle.

The homeopathic treatment is based upon draining, treating and curing.

Drainage means relieving the liver, kidneys and circulatory system of toxins.

Homeopathic medicine Fucus ves is a diuretic and detoxifying agent. It activates burning of fat and sugar.

If you forgot to take off your rings before sleeping at night, then next morning you cannot take them off because your fingers are so solid and after some hours when you pass urine, the fingers become normal. In such cases, Homeopathic medicine Natrum Sulph acts as a powerful drainage agent.

TIP 1  To get restored to a more normal body and to take off the weight, the patient must know how to eat properly and exercise. Fats should be decreased to minimum in the diet. 

TIP 2  Fasting and dieting can be more harmful even more than being fat as most people gain back the lost weight after dieting is abandoned.

TIP 3  Extreme dieting can lead to eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia. There are no magic pills.

TIP 4  Regular physical activity and a low calorie diet helps reduce obesity. Experts link obesity to diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.


  • Antimonium crud. : Gouty patients with gastric trouble having a tendency to grow fat. Tongue thickly coated white. Use dilution(200C), 10 pills, thrice daily

  • Calotropis: It decreases flesh and harden muscles. Use mother tincture(Q), 10 drops in 30ml warm water, twice a day.

  • Fucus ves. : Patients having defects in the thyroid gland and are gaining weight and becoming fat because of it. It is a diuretic and a detoxifying agent. It burns excessive fat and sugar. Use mother tincture(Q), 10 drops in 30ml warm water, twice a day.

  • Phytolacca berry: Obesity without any possible defects in the system. As a general remedy to reduce weight and fat. Use mother tincture(Q), 10 drops in 30ml warm water, twice a day.

  • Thyroidinum: Excessive obesity due to imperfect function of the thyroid gland. Such patients crave large amounts of seeds. Use dilution(200C), 10 pills, 1 dose only, repeat after a week.

Always check with your homeopathic doctor before taking any medicine


  • Hyperinsulinemia: This disorder causes the body to overproduce insulin hormone. Insulin turns carbohydrates into fat. The extra insulin starves the brain of the good glucose and disrupts the entire endocrine system which creates mood swings, constant fatigue and food cravings causing obesity. In addition to the homeopathic oral treatment, low consumption of carbohydrate diet and high protein diet helps cure obesity.

  • Prader – Willi syndrome: It is congenital medical disorder which results in compulsive overeating causing obesity. It is curable

  • Hypothyroidism: It is a curable condition

  • Cholesterol: High level of cholesterol causes obesity can also be cured

  • Genetic origin: It is hard to cure

  • Cellulite: In this kind of obesity of ladies, the upper portion of the body remains normal but the hips and thighs become fat. It is caused due to increased secretion of oestrogen at puberty or by the use of birth control pills, or pregnancy or smoking or by diet rich in saturated fats and inadequate lymphatic and liver functions. It is important that in cases of obesity, the cause should be determined and the treatment should be directed at the source of the problem.

Food Habits for Obesity

  • Eat a high-protein breakfast

  • Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice

  • Drink water a half hour before meals

  • Choose weight loss-friendly foods

  • Eat soluble fibre

  • Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods

  • Eat your food slowly by chewing it

  • Research has revealed that a diet rich in calcium helps reduce body fat. Calcium suppress the hormones link to body fat storage

Exercise for Obesity

Walk at least 1.5-2 km a day


  • Crunches

  • Twist Crunches

  • Side Crunch

  • Reverse Crunches

  • Vertical Leg Crunch

  • Bicycle Exercise

  • Lunge Twist

  • Rolling Plank Exercise


Obesity is indeed a health concern and needs to be prioritized. The management of obesity revolves around healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Obesity, if not controlled in its initial stage can cause many severe health issues.

Obesity can lead to sudden death, heart attack, diabetes and may unwanted illnesses. Stop it by making healthy choices.

So it is wiser to exercise daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than being the victim of obesity.

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