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Hair Trouble!

As an experienced homeopathic consultant, Dr MSG Kumaravelu of DR NATURES HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC says that severe hair loss deserves professional help to eliminate the root cause/s in order to have restore hair health. Read on to find out why.

Case study

Sheena is 28 years old and recently got married; she came to see me at my clinic to get treatment for severe hair loss. As a homeopathic doctor, I had a detailed consultation about her medical history, health problems, die, lifestyle and relationship. From the details she shared with me, I found the triggers that contributed to her hair problem are her health and lifestyle. Sheena has irregular, painful menses with scanty flow and she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). She also went through dramatic weight loss just before her marriage and has done several chemical hair treatments.


Sheena was started on homeopathic remedies to cleanse her system by purging out the toxins and gave her homeopathic remedies to normalize her menstrual cycle. After her second visit, Sheena was happy to share with me that her menstrual pain has reduced and her menstrual flow is good. I prescribed her homeopathic remedies to treat her hair loss and started her on vital nutrients and mineral supplements. After 3 months on this treatment, her hair fall has reduced significantly and she was having regular menstruation without the terrible pains. Subsequently, I treated Sheena for her PCOS with special combination of homeopathic remedies. During one of her visits, she told me that she is trying to conceive but has been unsuccessful. I told her to normalize her menstrual cycle and treat her PCOS before trying to conceive.


Sheena’s severe hair loss problem was eliminated and her recent hair analysis test showed that her hair has repaired itself and growing stronger and thicker. Her menstrual cycle was normalized and her recent tests for PCOS came out negative. After 2-3 months, Sheena visited me with her husband to share the good news that she fell pregnant and to thank me for the successful treatment. The young couple is delighted with their success.

Dr MSG Kumaravelu says that severe hair loss can be due to multiple reasons and one should find out the underlying causes of it then to merely treat the external hair with hair products and supplements.  He says that by treating the root causes will help resolve hair problems permanently and suggest trying alternative medicine which is safe, effective and has no harmful side effects and has long term benefits.

Established for 25 years in Singapore, Dr Natures Homeopathic Clinic has gained an excellent reputation for treating patients through classical homeopathy. They are known for their professionalism, integrity, and genuine care and passion for their patients. They specialize in treating allergies, respiratory conditions, children with learning disorders (ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia) and childhood problems, women’s and men’s health problems, digestive disorders and helping clients with pain management. Homeopathy is drug free, non-invasive and offers easy-to-consume alternative/ complementary medicine – making it an effective form of treatment for all ages.

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