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About Us



30 years of homeopathic care in Singapore

We are a Homeopathic Centre providing services in Singapore for the past 30 years. We offer clinical consultations, homeopathic remedies and treatment. We treat all general health problems and long-term aliments. We treat with Homeopathic, Bio Chemic and Bach flower remedies that has no known side effects. All our remedies are class 1 quality, natural, safe and effective for all ages.

​We have recently launched natural remedies trademarked under Dr Natures Brand for general health and wellbeing. These products are formulated by our own team of doctors and the ingredients are sourced across the globe to ensure safety and quality. 

​​Our treatment is holistic and addresses the root cause of your problem. Our treatment is easy to follow and does not require any special diet restrictions. 

​​Our panel of certified doctors have been serving the community for more than 10-30 years and have acquired vast knowledge through experience. This aids in accurate diagnostic of patient and appropriate remedy selection.


Why Choose Us


We are one of the pioneer Homeopathic Centre in Singapore providing homeopathic care for the past 30 years.  


We do an in-depth evaluation of your mental, emotional, physical health to provide the best treatment. 


We have treated 22000 patients under Dr Natures in the past 30 years of our service in Singapore. We have treated 10,000+ cases successfully.



We treat the root cause of your problem to enable a complete cure. Our approach is very individual, integrative and holistic.


Our remedies are pure extracts of mostly plants and minerals in minute quantities. This helps stimulate the healing process within your body. It is safe even for infants & pregnant women.

Our remedies are sourced from Germany, UK, Europe and India and are from GMP & ISO Certified facilities and of premium quality.




Our consultation starts from $35 only and our medicine starts from $25. We keep our prices transparent and low to ensure all can afford it.


Committed to Helping You

Our talented staff is made up of qualified professionals who are bound by an eternal passion for alternative medicine. With years of experience and commitment to helping people like you, the team at Dr Natures is here at your service. Read more about our professionals below.

Dr. Harshini Kumaravelu

Dr Harshini Kumaravelu, DH Hom.

Dr Harshini, holds DH. Hom and BBA from the United Kingdom, and D. Pharma from Singapore. She started her career in marketing and worked with multinational corporations and held key leadership positions. Her grandma and her father are homeopathic doctors hence from a young age she grew up with homeopathy. Her passion for homeopathy has been brewing for a long time. She decided to change her career track midway and got into homeopathy.

​She studied Homeopathy General Medicine from the United Kingdom and completed it with distinction in 2012 and was trained under well-know homeopaths from both India and Singapore. She has been working with Dr Natures for the past 10 years. Her popularity grew as the cases she treated has high success rate. Her knack for understanding her patient mental, emotional and physical health has lead her to make accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right remedy. She has a kind & caring disposition and her patients' love to work with her. She specialises in treating sexual problems in men & women, skin diseases, allergies & respiratory issues, piles & fissure, stomach problems, kid health and mental health. 

Dr KV Usha, DH Hom.

Dr Usha, holds DH Hom. in Homeopathy and is a general practitioner from India and holds a practising license. She has 25 years of experience in medical practice in India and Singapore. She has been practicing in Singapore for the past 20 years and has a soft and caring nature, which creates a comfort level for patients of all ages. She has successfully treated ailments such as women’s health related problems, child health and elderly care.

Dr Usha
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Dr Natures prides itself in offering exclusive natural remedies that are sourced from across the globe and formulated by our experienced doctors with a rich knowledge of 30 years in Homeopathy. All our remedies are homeopathic in nature and is natural, safe & effective for all ages. Our range includes pain management, skin & hair, lifestyle, kid health, women health, sexual wellness, elderly care, mental wellness, nerve & stress, stomach care, respiratory wellness to eye, ear & teeth remedies.


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