30 years of homeopathic care in Singapore

We are a Homeopathic Centre providing services in Singapore for the past 30 years. We offer clinical consultations, homeopathic remedies and treatment. We treat all general health problems and long-term aliments. We treat with Homeopathic, Bio Chemic and Bach flower remedies that has no known side effects. All our remedies are class 1 quality, natural, safe and effective for all ages.

We have recently launched homeopathic supplements and flower remedies trademarked under Dr Natures Brand for general health and wellbeing. These products are formulated by our own team of doctors and the ingredients are sourced across the globe to ensure safety and quality. 

Our treatment is holistic and addresses the root cause of your problem. Our treatment is easy to follow and does not require any special diet restrictions. 

Our panel of certified doctors have been serving the community for more than 30 years and have acquired vast knowledge through experience. This aids in accurate diagnostic of patient and  appropriate remedy selection.


We have treated numerous cases successfully.



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Dr MSG Kumaravelu, MD Hom.

Dr Kumaravelu holds doctor of medicine in homeopathy, MD Hom. from Hahnemann Homeo Institute and is a multi-specialist who is a member of Homeopathic System of Medicine, India and holds a practising license.  Dr Kumar brings with him a rich experience of 35 years of medical practice. He has been practising in Singapore for the past 25 years. His in depth knowledge and expertise in homoeopathy has helped him to treat many cases successfully. He treats general health conditions, skin problems, respiratory problems, male & female related health problems, child health and elderly care. Most of his patients come though referral from others who benefitted from his treatment. He is a simple, humble man who truly cares about his patient health and wellness.

Dr KV Usha, DH Hom.


Dr Usha, holds DH Hom. in Homeopathy and is a general practitioner from India and holds a practising license. Dr Usha has 15 years of experience in medical practice in India and Singapore. Dr Usha has been practicing in Singapore for the past 8 years and has a soft and caring nature, which creates a comfort level for patients of all ages. She has successfully treated ailments such as women’s health related problems, child health and elderly care.

Dr Harshini Kumaravelu, DH Hom.

Dr Harshini, holds DH Hom. and BBA from the UK, started her career in the marketing field and has worked in multiple multi national companies but her passion for homeopathy has been brewing from the beginning as she is the live example of benefitting from taking homeopathy medication from a young age.

She took up a certification course in Homeopathy from the UK in year 2012 and got herself trained under well-know homeopaths both from India and Singapore.


She got into the practice of homeopathy and bach flower therapy in the year 2017 while on her corporate job. Her popularity grew as the cases she treated became successful. This led Dr Harshini to quit her corporate job and get into  full-time practice of homeopathy at Dr Natures. 

She is one of our new addition of Doctors who is passionate towards what she does. 

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