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For Mentally Ill, Uncertainty Is Terrifying !

Psychiatrist says social isolation and fear of contracting Covid-19 is aggravating and causing anxiety, depression and causing relapses. 

Mind management 

Keep the person with the mental health disorder engaged in conversations and  keep him or her away from negative thoughts.

Physical exercise is paramount.

Give them tasks or activities to accomplish by the end of the day, however simple it is. It is a way of moving forward.

Conditions likely to relapse – OCD, bipolar disorder, anxiety depression, and schizophrenia. 

Despite growing awareness about mental health, depression continues to be a misunderstood term, often lumped with sadness or loneliness. 

As a result, most often, the advice offered to those battling it is more harmful than helpful. 

For example, a depressive individual cannot simply sleep on it, or go out for a walk to feel better. When such things are fed to them by those around, it may affect them adversely and they may further retreat into not opening up about their condition. 


Depression is different from sadness or loneliness. According to the Institute of Mental Health Health, depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think and handle daily activities.   

Depression is being largely misquoted these days. The term is being used as an umbrella term to define mental health issues, or sometimes, prolonged sadness, due to a lack of understanding.As a result the advice to deal with this sadness is more harmful than helpful.  

Sadness is a passing emotion. If you want to help someone with depression, then avoid saying things like ‘go watch a movie’. It actually makes them sadder. 


A pervasive feeling of sadness, guilt, hopelessness prevailing for over 14 days is the most distinguishing feature of depression.  

The feeling of losing interest in routine things and activities that give one pleasure is so intense that it makes one incapable of performing any task. 


  •  Pervasive sadness extending for two weeks or more

  •  Loss of interest of specific activities that used to be pleasurable for you

  •  Physical and mental loss of energy to do anything, persistent fatigue other symptoms

  •  Persistent feelings of helplessness, worthlessness

  •  Loss or excessive appetite

  •  Loss on excessive sleep

Here is what you should never say to a person who is depressed

‘You are strong, you will get over it’ –  this may make them guarded about expressing themselves lest they could be called weak

‘Go out for a walk to shake it off’-  they may be incapable of getting themselves to do that, despite encouragement

‘Don’t think like this, Don’t be negative’ –  this will further push them towards hopelessness

‘Sleep over it’, Eat something good to cheer up’, ‘Watch something positive’ –  the loss of interest to do anything good will further add to the guilt

There may or may not be a cause for depression

Often when celebrities have spoken about their battle with depression people have wondered why a person who seemingly has everything would go through it.

There may not be one cause leading to depression, as it results from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors. According to the Institute of Mental Health, it is very difficult to understand from the outside. Only a lack of something, or failure, an individual who looks perfectly happy on the outside, may also be battling it inside. 

While talking about how depression is treated, mild moderate and severe categories of depression. It gradually goes into a zone where it becomes pervasive and also comes down the same way with psychotherapy and medication. 

Also, depression and suicide are often linked together, not every depressed individual is suicidal but yes, pervasive hopelessness and worthlessness. They may even talk about ending  their lives, which is a Red Flag, and in which case, they need social support and professional help. 

Homeopathy & How It Can Help You

Depression can be caused by genetic factors or environmental ones. New research suggests that women mostly suffer on account of hereditary cause.

The World Health Organisation predicted that by 2020 depression will jump to be the greatest cause of death and disability worldwide –  due to more stressful lifestyles, poverty and violence.  Globally, there are 1 million suicide a year out of 10 million attempts due to depression at present. 

Clinical depression has a number of symptoms. These include lack of interest in sex and in things which usually gives pleasure. Often all these feelings are associated with not being able to sleep, changes in eating habits, fatigue, lack of concentration and feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness. All these can be treated by oral medications as discussed below.

Aurum met 200C 

Nervous breakdown. Thinking of committing suicide but yes that greatly disgusted of life and thoughts of profound despondency. Peevish. Rapid and constant questioning without waiting for the answers. Over sensitive to noise. 

Calcarea fluor 12X  

Great chronic depression. He or she will lose the big wealth and be ruined. This remedy takes time to act. 

Conium Mac 30C 

Depression during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Excitement causes mental depression. Weak memory. Timid. Afraid of being alone. 

Hypericum 30C

Depression. Sadness and mood swings. Feeling of exhaustion. Feeling that everything is just too much of trouble. Does not want to get up in the morning. Feels as if icy cold hand was touching the head. Feels as if lifted high in the air.  Anxiety.  Brain seems compressed and head feels longer. Constant drowsiness. Commits mistakes while writing.  Ill effects of shock. Anxiety of fear of falling from heights. 

Pulsatilla nig. 30C 

Depression due to hormonal changes.  There is an extreme tendency to cry and craving for sympathy, fresh air and cold drinks. 



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