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Common Cough & It's Cure

Types of Cough

There are four distinct types of cough: dry cough, wet cough, croup cough, and whooping cough. It is important to know what type of cough your child has, and what it might mean. Dry cough is dry, hacking cough and is often caused by an infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat), such as a cold or influenza.

Risk if Cough is Left Untreated

Once infected, they can fill with mucus, which causes the symptoms of chest congestion and coughing. If left untreated, the infection can travel deeper into the respiratory system and develop into pneumonia.

Tests for Cough (Diagnosis)

Imaging tests. X-rays. Although a routine chest X-ray won't reveal the most common reasons for a cough — post nasal drip, acid reflux or asthma — it may be used to check for lung cancer, pneumonia and other lung diseases. An X-ray of your sinuses may reveal evidence of a sinus infection.

Lifestyle Changes for Managing Cough

Reduce your intake of dairy foods. Drink plenty of still water (warm if you prefer) and ensure your bowel is working daily, to flush toxins out of the system. Don’t stay in stuffy rooms or expose yourself to cigarette smoke Enjoy the fresh air but wrap up warmly and don’t expose your throat to cold winds.

Homeopathy Medicine For Cough

  1. Belladonna: Paroxysmal dry cough in the evening and early night which turns face red. Tickling in the throat. Dyspnea. Cough provoked on speaking or on exertion. Pain in the hips on coughing. Expectoration may be bloody. Barking or whooping cough with pain in the stomach before an attack. Use dilution(200C), 10 pills, thrice daily.

  2. Justicia adhatoda: It is an excellent remedy in all sorts of coughs including whooping cough when used in the early stages. Cough with coryza, constant sneezing and profuse watering from the nose. The cough is however dry and accompanied by breathlessness. In the so-called pollen allergy its action lies between. Use dilution(200C), 10 pills, thrice daily.

  3. Kalium bich: It is of great value in chronic catarrhal inflammations of the pharynx, and cough. The expectoration is very stringy, and it sticks to the pharynx and tongue. After coughing and raising the mucus, the patient needs to blow the nose and it gives a sense of relief. Cough is better from warmth and sometimes from lying down. Use dilutions(200C), 10 pills, thrice daily.

  4. Pulsatiila nig: Dry, hard cough with great weakness in the chest. Dry cough in the evening and at night. Must sit up in the bed to get relief. Loose cough in the morning, with copious mucoid expectoration. Urine is emitted on coughing.

Note: Cough is a natural way to clear the lungs and remove phlegm from them. But when it is in excess due to infections, then you need to cure yourself completely to prevent the condition from worsening.

Always check with your homeopathic practitioner before taking medicine

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